Friday, October 2, 2009


Thought that I'd share some shots of the wall decoration I've spent nearly 20h completing. I really don't think it was worth it but I'm at least somewhat pleased with the result. This decoration will be flanked by red velvet on both sides.

The finished result. The painting measures approximately 100x150cm

View of wall.

Closeup of the top.

Progress shot of the overhead template.

OCTOBER - Rehersal facilities and the new set

A lot of stuff has happened since the last update.


My Name is Death has got a new rehersal studio. The facility is backened by SV-nords: Totem, A musical union in Piteå. We've started on a small renovation to make it our own and it will look nothing less of awesome when it is done.

The facility has no name right now but we're in the naming process as I write this. If you have any suggestions we're glad to hear them. Anything Lovecraft would be great.

What's missing in these pictures are a large wallpainting of the Kabbalah in gold, the red velvet drapes and some curtains. And of course a gigantic painting 300x130cm with our name on it will dominate the whole place.


We have developed something else.. I can't really say what it is since I really don't know any name for it. But in the essence it's a setlist with "Musical" ambitions. We're putting together a show that will tell a story from beginning to end. The songs make up the core part of the story and to bridge the story between songs we're conducting samplings of different events and acts. It will be so cool and we're so psyched about this right now.


The song part is comming along and we've set the melody part of 7 of the 8 songs that's in our first setlist. Left is the lyrics and to reherse them.

The current setlist (and their full titles) is as follows:

  • Tucked and Wrapped and Ready to Die (like a bird)
  • Sad Part about Death (You won't go to heaven)
  • Dark Days are Coming
  • As the sun Eclipsed over the sunken city the angles dispersed light in thousands of impossible ways and I knew that this was the end
  • Her Heart Pulsed in Pace with the Dying Star
  • He Whose Splendor hath Shattered Worlds
  • Last Sun
  • The Rift Opened from the Other Side

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Summer of 09 has come and more or less gone. MNiD has gone low during the summer but we're pleased to announce two new members and one new song that we're currently rehearsing. We also have a few gigs coming up, more info on this further on.

The new members are:

-Fred Lundman on bass guitar who currently play in local band "Snusc" who by the way are in studio right now recording their first project.

-Andreas Gode, vocals. A local singer/songwriter who plays in local band "Cienfuegos" and has a never-ending solo project in his own name.

As for the new song it's a smoldering MNiD-ballad part in 6/8 tempo. It has been mentioned that the new song partly is one of the most mainstream things we've ever created, if this is true or not, we leave to the listeners to decide. The name of the new song is "The Garden of Love".

In October MNiD will play three gigs in Piteå, Skellefteå and Umeå. We'll be accompanied on the mini-tour by fellow bands Noll and Identitet from Skellefteå, and a Umeå based band which has not yet been set. Dates will be announced here and on the homepage as soon as they get set.

The EP is right now in the changing stages, since we have a singer we want to record the First EP with vocals so this has set us back quite a bit. We where hoping on a 9-9-9 release but it's far from reality right now. Further news on the EP will come further on.

Peace love and all that!

Friday, May 22, 2009


New update. New release date for DDaC is 9-6-6 but I’m not surprised if this will be pushed even further. We're playing with the thought of re-recording our drum tracks with digital drums, but since Edit doesn’t have as much time as everyone else it’ll be a squeeze.

There’s some turbulence among the members also. A couple of weeks ago it was decided that Linnéa had to leave the band for other obligations and as of now MNiD is without a bassplayer. Jesper Asplund from local band The Dazzled has agreed to step in until further notice. Edit is going to take a break from the band and local drummer Alexander will fill her shoes over the summer.

Like it wasn’t bad enough we’re two new members right now we also had our first rehearsal with singer Andreas Gode last week. Hopefully he’ll fit right in despite all the turbulence right now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well....we're done. It did'nt go as planed but I'm not disappointed. We set out to record 4 or 5 songs and ended up with 3 good recordings, somehow we screwed up the Eclipsrecording royaly. We have'nt finished mixing the songs yet but we will get it done in time for the releasedate :)

The EP will contain the studio recordings of: Dark Days are Coming, Last Sun, Whose Splendor Hath Shattered Worlds and Ruus homerecordings off Eclips and Hospital.

If you want to buy a copy just visit our homepage, we will update with order info shortly.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well, we didn't update our progress every day as promised but here's a quick one. During tuesday and wednesday we recorded all drums and bass tracks on Dark days are coming, Last sun, Whose Splendor Hath Shattered Worlds and Eclipse. Thursday Ruu worked a 13h shift so it was a day off from the studio. Yesterday me and Ruu started with the guitartracks and a drymix of Dark days are coming and today we'll continue with guitartracks for Last sun and Whose Splendor Hath Shattered Worlds and continue mixing. It's a real trail mixing the song cos neither me or Ruu has any experience of it, but we're getting there.

Time to make some coffee and get going. It's going to be a long day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We only got about four hours in the studio today, but we made some progress. We have finetuned the sound of the drums and the rythm guitar and the last "thrash-recording" made everyones lips0 form a little well pleased smile. I really think we're on to something here. Tomorrow we're on for real.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Tomorrow after work we'll beging the recording sessions. It's thrilling and exciting and a little scary. We'll post updates every day while in the studio and hopefully we'll get some sounds and images from the recording. 


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Some of the bits and pieces of the EP are coming along nicely. We have bought the records (Red lightscribe) we have decided on the songs, we have almost gotten time in the studio.. Not confirmed yet tough. But it looks like we're on to record our EP next week or the week after that. This weekend I'm going to focus on the graphics for the disc, the cover and the sleeve. We can reveal that the EP will be delivered in a slimcase with a 2 page sleeve 1+3.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lillan 6/2 2009

This time we nailed it! I for one think it went great, it felt great. It´s the second time for us performing at Lillan in Luleå, which is a wounderful place to play at, so we felt more at home and that led to a greater precence on stage. The only thing that got f***ed up was the images played with the projector failed after the first song and some soundbugs, but other then that we can't complain. We got a great response from the audience and the other bands. People even asked if we had records to sell after the show. Some of the other bands in the contest were talking about us with their friend in very positive terms. It really feels like our music is appreciated. We are looking forward to the next gig.

A slighter misshap on the way home

Psycked over the succes we embarged on our journey back to Piteå. Talking about how great the gig went, making jokes and laughing, we missed a turn-off. Oblivious of our miss we kept driving for several miles until we suddenly did´nt recognice the surroundings anymore. We had obviously been driving towards Boden instead of Piteå. Well well....shit happens. We all laught and backtracked back to Luleå and went onwards towards to Piteå :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


The full article can be read here as it was meant to be read... sorta. Except that its in pixels.. and.. well...

You get it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The article about us for the local newspaper PT will be published tomorrow. We got a sneak preview of it and even if we've already read it we're eager of anticipation to see the thing in print.

As we thought they pronounced our age difference since we have an effective age difference of 25 years. But this was expected, and I guess it’s one of our greatest strengths as a band. The article then mostly treats our music and how we relate to it. I for one think it’s a fair article.

We’ll post the article in pdf form on the main website.

Tomorrow me and MackE will drive round town and post posters to promote our search for a singer. The posters will be best noted the same day as the article is published so we don't have much time. This is what the new posters look like:

Yeah, rewrote an old song called “He kept human limbs in the trunk” today. I’m actually amazed how it changed, evolved and finally turned out during the procedure. It went from a stoner influenced, dust ridden, riff based murder rock song to a full fledged cosmic, cold and mind bending, hate song. Yeap…  I don’t know what the hell we should call it now. It’s definitely not about a creepy murder guy and his car anymore which was the first thought. So the story changes… We’ll keep you updated.

Studio and Lovecraft night

We've got a tip about this studio that you can hire to record your stuff, we're looking into it right now. Mean while our main concern is the gig on Friday and our upcoming event the "Lovecraft-night".

MackE has gotten hold of a effect-pedal to use on the Friday gig in Luleå, and we're going to try it today. This can be very useful since we're adding a softer song to the set list.

"The Lovecraft Night" is right now in the planning stages. We're thinking it would be and event with two or three post-metal-esque bands and, some novella reading from the great author, topped of by some clips of graphics and maybe some trailers and such. We're currently mailing with one of two potential bands.

Seven Nautical Miles

People Envy Happiness

Sunday, February 1, 2009


To day we added 2 new songs to our setlist, Whose Splendor Hath Shattered Worlds and our first ballad, As the sun eclipsed on the sunken city the angles dispersed light in thousands of impossible ways and I knew that this was the end. Both song were written some time ago, but due to our participation in Rockkarusellen we havent had the time to rehearse them. We have some other songs unrehearsed to, All flesh and RISE, which we hope we can include to our setlist asap. So many songs so little time....

Thursday, January 29, 2009


A few gigs coming up in the following weeks but our main concern right now is recording. We've tried recording at the high schools studio in town but we've achieved more or less nothing. But since our rehersal studio will get an upgrade in the coming weeks (or so we hope) I've gotten a new idea. Why don't we bring our recording equipment to the rehersal studio? The rehersal has got a PA that doubles as a mixer and if we bring the recording computer there everything is set. We just need a non-scheduled weekend for the whole band. And a new amp for MackE... :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Went well. I think we've got said everything that we wanted to say and then some. The preview of the photos they took was great and I hope they look as awesome in the paper as we thought they looked in the camera preview.

The article will be published next week... maybe thursday. We'll keep you updated.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Y'hello! Welcome to the official My Name is Death-blog. We're going to try to keep this thing updated as much as possible with what we're doing as a band and the music we make. I don't know why I'm writing in English.. I guess it appeals to me as this is a bandblog and such.

Right now we are finishing up the last few songs for Dark Days and I guess we have about 10-14 songs to choose from when we're gonna pick the album songs. The only song I for a fact KNOW will be on the EP is of course DDaC the rest... well. We'll keep you updated as it unravels.

Tonight we're being interviewed by local papers on our upcoming shows and our music. It's our first interview and I just hope they have mercy on us.