Thursday, August 13, 2009


The Summer of 09 has come and more or less gone. MNiD has gone low during the summer but we're pleased to announce two new members and one new song that we're currently rehearsing. We also have a few gigs coming up, more info on this further on.

The new members are:

-Fred Lundman on bass guitar who currently play in local band "Snusc" who by the way are in studio right now recording their first project.

-Andreas Gode, vocals. A local singer/songwriter who plays in local band "Cienfuegos" and has a never-ending solo project in his own name.

As for the new song it's a smoldering MNiD-ballad part in 6/8 tempo. It has been mentioned that the new song partly is one of the most mainstream things we've ever created, if this is true or not, we leave to the listeners to decide. The name of the new song is "The Garden of Love".

In October MNiD will play three gigs in Piteå, Skellefteå and Umeå. We'll be accompanied on the mini-tour by fellow bands Noll and Identitet from Skellefteå, and a Umeå based band which has not yet been set. Dates will be announced here and on the homepage as soon as they get set.

The EP is right now in the changing stages, since we have a singer we want to record the First EP with vocals so this has set us back quite a bit. We where hoping on a 9-9-9 release but it's far from reality right now. Further news on the EP will come further on.

Peace love and all that!