Friday, May 22, 2009


New update. New release date for DDaC is 9-6-6 but I’m not surprised if this will be pushed even further. We're playing with the thought of re-recording our drum tracks with digital drums, but since Edit doesn’t have as much time as everyone else it’ll be a squeeze.

There’s some turbulence among the members also. A couple of weeks ago it was decided that Linnéa had to leave the band for other obligations and as of now MNiD is without a bassplayer. Jesper Asplund from local band The Dazzled has agreed to step in until further notice. Edit is going to take a break from the band and local drummer Alexander will fill her shoes over the summer.

Like it wasn’t bad enough we’re two new members right now we also had our first rehearsal with singer Andreas Gode last week. Hopefully he’ll fit right in despite all the turbulence right now.