Friday, October 2, 2009

OCTOBER - Rehersal facilities and the new set

A lot of stuff has happened since the last update.


My Name is Death has got a new rehersal studio. The facility is backened by SV-nords: Totem, A musical union in Piteå. We've started on a small renovation to make it our own and it will look nothing less of awesome when it is done.

The facility has no name right now but we're in the naming process as I write this. If you have any suggestions we're glad to hear them. Anything Lovecraft would be great.

What's missing in these pictures are a large wallpainting of the Kabbalah in gold, the red velvet drapes and some curtains. And of course a gigantic painting 300x130cm with our name on it will dominate the whole place.


We have developed something else.. I can't really say what it is since I really don't know any name for it. But in the essence it's a setlist with "Musical" ambitions. We're putting together a show that will tell a story from beginning to end. The songs make up the core part of the story and to bridge the story between songs we're conducting samplings of different events and acts. It will be so cool and we're so psyched about this right now.


The song part is comming along and we've set the melody part of 7 of the 8 songs that's in our first setlist. Left is the lyrics and to reherse them.

The current setlist (and their full titles) is as follows:

  • Tucked and Wrapped and Ready to Die (like a bird)
  • Sad Part about Death (You won't go to heaven)
  • Dark Days are Coming
  • As the sun Eclipsed over the sunken city the angles dispersed light in thousands of impossible ways and I knew that this was the end
  • Her Heart Pulsed in Pace with the Dying Star
  • He Whose Splendor hath Shattered Worlds
  • Last Sun
  • The Rift Opened from the Other Side

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