Friday, July 22, 2011

THE small BUT important update

Hello fellow.. well, me I guess. I'm honestly the only one reading this blog, and for obvious reasons I'd say. But hey, thats not important, what is important is this update.

My Name is Death has a singer. It's not 100% yet, but we're all so exited like giggly school girls so what the hell! It's a female singer and her name is Erika, I shouldn't tell you more than that, but I can release a small vital fact about the band that probably will change everything about it... And nothing. The lyrics will be in Swedish! OMFG. This is unheard of... Well at least I never heard of us writing lyrics in swedish, it's like Fläskkvartetten, Fleshquartet, My Name is Death, Mitt Namn Döden or Döden mitt Namn... Jag vette tusan.

Jocke did'nt stay with the band as long as we hoped, I guess he had other obligations so we're down to drums and two guitars again.

So we have a couple of gigs comming up. The "tour" of the summer has turned into, three or maybe four gigs. We've played at Kulturnatta in Kalix in June and now we're looking forward to a Spotify contest at the PDOL festival in Piteå, actually the first time we play in Piteå so it will be very fun indeed. And then theres the "1 Day of peace and music" in Piteå the 7 August, a local oneday Peacefestival that we will be attending. Hopefully we will be on stage with a full set except for a bassplayer wich we still lack, but we're so eager to se how it works out with the vocalist and we hope that all gigs from now on have Erika on vocals. Only time will tell.