Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lillan 6/2 2009

This time we nailed it! I for one think it went great, it felt great. It´s the second time for us performing at Lillan in Luleå, which is a wounderful place to play at, so we felt more at home and that led to a greater precence on stage. The only thing that got f***ed up was the images played with the projector failed after the first song and some soundbugs, but other then that we can't complain. We got a great response from the audience and the other bands. People even asked if we had records to sell after the show. Some of the other bands in the contest were talking about us with their friend in very positive terms. It really feels like our music is appreciated. We are looking forward to the next gig.

A slighter misshap on the way home

Psycked over the succes we embarged on our journey back to Piteå. Talking about how great the gig went, making jokes and laughing, we missed a turn-off. Oblivious of our miss we kept driving for several miles until we suddenly did´nt recognice the surroundings anymore. We had obviously been driving towards Boden instead of Piteå. Well well....shit happens. We all laught and backtracked back to Luleå and went onwards towards to Piteå :)

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