Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The article about us for the local newspaper PT will be published tomorrow. We got a sneak preview of it and even if we've already read it we're eager of anticipation to see the thing in print.

As we thought they pronounced our age difference since we have an effective age difference of 25 years. But this was expected, and I guess it’s one of our greatest strengths as a band. The article then mostly treats our music and how we relate to it. I for one think it’s a fair article.

We’ll post the article in pdf form on the main website.

Tomorrow me and MackE will drive round town and post posters to promote our search for a singer. The posters will be best noted the same day as the article is published so we don't have much time. This is what the new posters look like:

Yeah, rewrote an old song called “He kept human limbs in the trunk” today. I’m actually amazed how it changed, evolved and finally turned out during the procedure. It went from a stoner influenced, dust ridden, riff based murder rock song to a full fledged cosmic, cold and mind bending, hate song. Yeap…  I don’t know what the hell we should call it now. It’s definitely not about a creepy murder guy and his car anymore which was the first thought. So the story changes… We’ll keep you updated.

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