Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Studio and Lovecraft night

We've got a tip about this studio that you can hire to record your stuff, we're looking into it right now. Mean while our main concern is the gig on Friday and our upcoming event the "Lovecraft-night".

MackE has gotten hold of a effect-pedal to use on the Friday gig in Luleå, and we're going to try it today. This can be very useful since we're adding a softer song to the set list.

"The Lovecraft Night" is right now in the planning stages. We're thinking it would be and event with two or three post-metal-esque bands and, some novella reading from the great author, topped of by some clips of graphics and maybe some trailers and such. We're currently mailing with one of two potential bands.

Seven Nautical Miles

People Envy Happiness

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