Monday, April 25, 2011


This past two years have been to say the least turbulent for My Name is Death. It all boils down to the departure of band members. In Rockkarusellen 2010 our setting was: Ruu (G), Macke (G), Fred (B), Stefan (D) and Gode (V). In the District-final of Rockkarusellen 2010 the setting changed to: Ruu (G), Macke (G), Fred (B & V), Stefan (D) due to Gode moving to Gothenburg. And now we think we've found a new guitarist and Fred wants to bang the drums so our new setting for the 2011 tour will be Ruu (G), Macke (G), Jocke (G), Fred (D).

You probably noticed that our current setting is based around three guitars and the following weeks will tell if this is great or awesome (like a hotdog).

We have since 2009 made loads of new music that is as hautingly beautiful and as heavy as an oiltanker. The center piece of 2011 will be "Snösaga". An epic song about 22 minutes long ranging from acoustic dreamy landscapes to steel hard, dark, blood soaked massive riff parts. The song is divided into four chapters Vildhjarta - Snösaga - Eldsjäl - Likstorm that each is about 5 minutes long. The whole song is a tribute to the RPG campaign Snösaga by Riotminds.

Other than that we're planning a full scale tour this summer and our goal is to play at least 10 gigs during the summer. Most of these will probably be played in the northern part of Sweden but we will not decline gigs in the southern part of Sweden neither. Tour dates will be presented here on the website ( and on our Facebook fan page. If you are still reading this and are one of those who haven't joined our facebook page you should probably head over there and join right now since most of our updates are made there.

We will try to keep this page as much up to date as we can. The next post on this blogg will be about our upcomming tour.

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